Our Founder

Smith England is the latest brand created by award winning and hugely respected hairdresser, business man and activist Phil Smith.

Within his 36 years of hairdressing Phil has certainly managed to fit in a lot more than hands on hairdressing in that time.

Many know Phil from his hugely successful ‘Be Gorgeous’ haircare line but on the Professional hair circuit Phil is mainly known for his achievements in the field of hairdressing and as a renowned and experienced businessman. Winning multiple British hairdressing awards and countless other accolades Phil still found the time to run 28 salon units then more recently consolidating these units into one flagship salon in beautiful Salisbury the inspiration for his latest endeavour. Smith England.

Phil’s passion for quality hairdressing, quality products and doing things right led him to create Smith England. A keen lover of nature Phil adores the British countryside and vowed to do his upmost to celebrate this by exclusively using natural homegrown botanicals in Smith England products.

Whilst enjoying the peace of the country life Phil is not afraid to ruffle feathers when it comes to his beloved British Hair Industry and has vowed to support the growth of the industry that has been so good to him over the years. Visits to downing street to stand up for independent salons have encouraged Phil to continue his plight in reducing tax and promoting the right way to run a business and more recently supporting the ‘Save our salons’ movement to reduce VAT to 5% to aid recovery of salons upon reopening after covid restrictions.

Phil is known for monitoring trends in business within the hair industry, his keen eye for the changing tides in sales has ensured all his endeavours have been a success. Not being afraid to move with the times it was of the upmost importance that Smith England not only be available to the consumer on a national scale but also to salons to ensure that they do not miss out on the revenue which will eventually be the norm.

Never standing still Phil has plenty of plans for the future. Smith England’s upcoming international launch will not only celebrate our countries great natural resources but also establishing British hairdressing and product development at the top of innovation on a worldwide scale.