Salon Quality Formulations

You can feel secure in the knowledge that Smith England products are of the upmost quality, effectiveness and completely guilt free whilst also playing your part in helping protect the environment.


We are dedicated to helping salons succeed through changing uncertain times. We will always evolve in ways that are beneficial to both clients and salons and vow to support you every step of the way.


Smith England is the highest quality salon brand at the lowest cost on the market. We are extremely proud of this due to it enabling salons to feel comfortable and secure in their choice to retail and use our products.

What separates Smith England from some other salon haircare brands is our low trade cost and high salon profit margins therefore resulting in high turnover of sales.

Client security should also not ignored. Due to our products affordable pricing consumers feel comfortable to multi buy for future use, in turn this often results in fantastic gift season retail sales.

The Smith England Professional start up investment and minimum order cost is one of the lowest on the market helping you feel secure and comfortable in your decision to stock and use our products giving you the flexibility and freedom to reorder when you see fit for the needs of our business.


We never underestimate the power of marketing and invest in the highest quality effective marketing materials and PR campaigns for our products. Due to this investment Smith England is now known nationwide to consumers, this has increased trust in our products effectiveness and quality making sales a pleasure not a chore.


We will always be here to support you with one to one personal account management. Support comes in many forms and here at Smith England we know just how import social media is to your business. When becoming a stockist of our products you will be given exclusive access to regularly updated digital marketing materials to help you make the most of your reach on social media platforms.